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ECL understands that personalized medicine is the future of healthcare, and is at the forefront of technological innovation with advanced diagnostic tests and tools. That is why ECL exclusively partnered up with Integrated Genetic Solutions (IGS) to bring a comprehensive and fully individualized medical solution to the mass market.

What is IGS?

Integrated Genetic Solutions is the first personalized medical solution that uses each patient’s unique combination of DNA genetic mutations and blood analysis (hormones, vitamins, and minerals) to identify and treat body chemistry imbalances. This dynamic process is designed to maintain or optimize an ever-changing body chemistry over time. Each patient’s complex tapestry of hormones, vitamins, and minerals requires extensive analysis and complex mathematical computation in order to generate an accurate and personalized treatment program; all of which can take over 20 hours per patient when done by hand.

How it works

The IGS personalized solution starts with each patient undergoing laboratory-certified DNA and blood testing. Once completed and uploaded to the IGS software platform, doctors are then able to isolate each patient’s specific body chemistry imbalances. These imbalances are often the underlying causes of poor mental acuity, reduced energy, weight gain, and a weakened immune response. After these imbalances are identified, the IGS platform will provide a comprehensive set of recommendations to treat each imbalance. These recommendations include hormones, pre-hormones, fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.


By avoiding a “one size fits all” approach and treating each unique body chemistry imbalance, those on the IGS program can experience improved overall wellness, increased energy, sharper cognitive function, and improved body composition