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HIPAA Code of Conduct

As a central part of the Empire City Laboratories (ECL) HIPAA Compliance Program, this code of conduct sets forth the standards set by all ECL personnel. ECL employees diligently adhere to both the spirit and the language of this code in order to avoid any conduct that might violate HIPAA or give the appearance of violating HIPPAA.

Mission and Values:

ECL is committed to providing patients with quality health care, in a confidential and private manner in accordance with all applicable laws. These standards apply to ECL’s interaction with its patients, other health care providers, consultants, the government entitles to whom the laboratory reports, public private and third-party payers (e.g. Medicare, Medicaid, manage care companies and HMOS) and any other persons with whom the laboratory interacts. In this regard all ECL personnel and affiliated practitioners must act in compliance with all applicable legal rules and regulations.

ECL requires all personnel and affiliated practitioners to maintain the confidentiality and security of a patient’s health information in accordance with HIPAA standards. To ensure that these expectations are met, the HIPAA compliance program is an integral part of the laboratory’s corporate mission and business operations.

General Standards:

ECL’s employees are trained in maintaining confidentiality and integrity of all patients even if documents are electronical being maintained, received or transmitted. Standards for electronic transactions: this set of regulations addresses electronic interactions among health care providers, health plans, and laboratories. Transaction standards are intended to standardize the mechanisms of electronic exchange by establishing a format and set of codes for covered transactions.

Standards for privacy of individually identifiable health information (Privacy Rule) the privacy rule establishes standards to protect individually identifiable health information including:

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